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Dynamical Psychology » Dynamical Psychology: An International, Interdisciplinary Journal of Complex Mental Processes


The Holographic Principle Theory of Mind — Revised
Mark Germine
(note: this is an update of the 2007 paper The Holographic Principle Theory of Mind)

The Maximum Power Principle: a new step in bringing psychoanalysis closer to modern holistic sciences
Fabio Beni and Marco Raugei


CogPrime: An Integrative Architecture for Embodied Artificial General Intelligence
Ben Goertzel

Language development in children with mental retardation (update of earlier 2007 version)
Gauri Pruthi


A Model of Assimilation and Accommodation in the Cognitive & Cultural Realms

Glen Rutherford

The Mind-World Correspondence Principle (Toward a General Theory of General Intelligence)

Ben Goertzel

Morphic Pilot Theory: Toward an Extension of Quantum Physics that Better Explains Psi Phenomena

Ben Goertzel

A Model of Language Based on Self-Organization of Gestalts and Metaphors

David Rail

A Framework for Quantum Paradigms in Psychopathology Based on the One Mind Model of Quantum Reality

Mark Germine

The Evolution of Consciousness (LNNL-39241, 1996)

Henry P. Stapp

Neuroplasticity explained by broad-scale networks and modularity?

Graeme Martin and Celia Greenway

The Next Scientific Revolution: The Theory of Mind, Evolution, and Quantum Reality Based on Process Metaphysics

Mark Germine

On Dualistic Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics:  Arguments in Favor of Squire’s One Mind Interpretation in the Setting of Mental Monism

Bradley Monton

An Exploration of Creativity Facilitated by Hypnosis: The Trail of Tears Trilogy

Mark Germine

Exploring the Hypothesis of “Energetic Attractions” in Romantic Compatibility

Frank Seifert & Larry Michel


Kurt Lewin’s Dynamical Psychology Revisited and Revised

Kullervo Rainio

On the Savant Syndrome and Prime Numbers

Makoto Yamaguchi

Piaget’s Cognitive Behaviorist Account of Conservation in Mathematics

Anoop Gupta

Literature As Early Warning

Jim Whitlark

Toward a General Theory of General Intelligence

Ben Goertzel

What Must a World Be That a Humanlike Intelligence May Develop In It?

Ben Goertzel


A New Physical Theory of Precognition

David Chik

The Holographic Principle in Biological Development and Quantum Physics

Stephen Wood

Glocal Memory: A New Perspective on Knowledge Representation, Neurodynamics, Distributed Cognition, and the Nature of Mind

Ben Goertzel

Glocality of Self and Memory as a Possible Foundation for Understanding Psi

Ben Goertzel


The Holographic Principle Theory of Mind

Mark Germine

Mirror Neurons, Mirrorhouses, and the Algebraic Structure of the Self

Ben Goertzel

An Exploration of Core Power of Thought Concepts in Relation to Theories Involving Quantum Mechanics

Jeffery A. Martin

Five Ethical Imperatives and their Implications for Human-AGI Interaction

Stephan Vladimir Bugaj and Ben Goertzel

Language development in children with mental retardation (this is an updated 2013 version, replacing an earlier 2007 version)

Gauri Pruthi

Biological versus computational approaches to creative problem solving

Robert Arp


A System-Theoretic Analysis of Focused Cognition, and its Implications for the Emergence of Self and Attention

Ben Goertzel

A Meta-Analysis of Meaning

Neil Alan Soggie

Nonphysical Causation: A Proposed Mechanism for the Efficacy of Consciousness

Rick Lucido

The Sequence of Archetypes in Individuation

James Whitlark

Psychometric Description of the True Compatibility Test : A Proprietary System for Online Matchmaking

Rense Lang, Ilona Jerabek, James Houran

The Dreaming Glasses

R. Ernesto Blanco

Continual-Activation Theory of Dreaming

Jie Zhang

Continual-Activation Theory of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Jie Zhang

Continual-Activation Theory of Schizophrenia and Restless Legs Syndrome

Jie Zhang


On Biological and Digital Intelligence: A Reaction to Jeff Hawkins’ Book “On Intelligence”

Ben Goertzel

Autobiographical Memory Bump: A Dynamic Lifespan Model

Johannes J.F. Schroots and Cor van Dijkum

Essay — The Archetypes of the Female and the Shadow in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”

Mark Germine

Is Autism Statistically Linked to Early Non-Maternal Child Care?

Maxson McDowell

Special Section: Pattern Theory, Philosophy of Mind, and AI Psychology

The Virtual Multiverse Theory of Free Will

Ben Goertzel

Patterns of Awareness: A Pattern-Theoretic, Panpsychist Solution to the Hard Problem of Consciousness

Ben Goertzel

A General Theory of Emotions in Humans and Other Intelligences

Ben Goertzel

Science, Probability and Human Nature: A Sociological/Computational/Probabilist Philosophy of Science

Ben Goertzel

The All-Seeing A(I): Universal Mind Simulation as a Possible Path to Stably Benevolent Superhuman AI

Ben Goertzel

Encouraging a Positive Transcension: Issues in Transhumanist Ethical Philosophy

Postcript: Defining Growth, Joy and Choice

Ben Goertzel


The One Mind Model: Virtual Brain States and Nonlocality of the ERP

Mark Germine

Mindplexes: The Potential Emergence of Multiple Levels of Focused Consciousness in Communities of AI’s and Humans

Ben Goertzel

Toward Virtually Embodied AI: Embedding Novamente in a Simulated World.

(see also some more recent, informal notes on the same theme)

Ben Goertzel & Cassio Pennachin

The Conscious Internet: An Empirical Study of the Transmission of Healing Energy via E-mail

Francesca McCartney

Emotional Capacities and Sensitivity in Psychopaths

Willem H. J. Martens

The Intrapsychic Mechanism of Creativity and Associated Remission in Psychopaths and Antisocial Personalities

Willem H. J. Martens

Parallels between Kelly’s Theory of Personal Construct and Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity: a Psychophysics Approach

Shirin Haque

A Flow Theory of Behaviour Dynamics

Glen David Rutherford


Fractal Dynamics of the Psyche

Terry Marks-Tarlow

On Dynamics of Affective Liquids

Andrew Adamatsky

Understanding the Evolution of Categorization : An Interdisciplinary Approach

I. Saillot, M. Patou-Mathis

Motion Control and Consciousness

Tom Mongan

The Observer in the Observed: Fractal Dynamics of Re-Entry

Terry Marks-Tarlow

Thoughts on AI Morality
Ben Goertzel

Book Review — A New Kind of Science, by Stephen Wolfram
Ben Goertzel

Book Review — Religion Explained, by Pascal Boyer
Ben Goertzel

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